OnRamps provides a variety of evidence-based professional development opportunities for K12 teachers, high school campus and district staff, and higher education faculty to increase their impact on student outcomes whether at the local- or state-level.

Our professional development offerings extend beyond what we provide high school teachers who teach our dual enrollment courses. There, OnRamps Instructors, as they are known, receive yearlong professional learning and development shaped by research with a focus on deepening their understanding of our course content to ensure fidelity of implementation and on advancing instructional approaches to help students learn in and outside of the classroom.

The OnRamps Distance Learning Catalog is a series of online, self-paced professional development modules designed to support middle and high school teachers with instructional practice in distance and hybrid learning environments. An hour of CPE credit will be awarded upon completion of each model; over 20 modules are available for educators.

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On July 21, OnRamps brought together school administrators, counselors, and instructional support personnel who were new to implementing our program for the 2022-2023 academic year. Our colleagues from across the state engaged in a day-long, virtual professional development event, gaining insight into all that we do for students, Instructors, and partners. Attendees also earned Continuing Professional Education credit hours.

OnRamps Summer Symposium was held virtually on July 21, 2022.



OnRamps’ active school district partners joined us virtually for high-impact, bite-sized sessions focused on deep dives into our dual enrollment courses, the evolving student experience, navigating instructor transitions, and much more. The series of hour-long sessions were repeated from June 23 through July 20, culminating in the OnRamps Summer Symposium.

OnRamps Summer Series was held virtually between June 23 and July 20, 2022.


OnRamps prides itself on adapting to meet the needs of students, educators, and partners. We are able to tailor our offerings to address your goals, whether for K12 educators or higher education faculty. Our outcome remains the same: to raise the bar on dynamic experiences that advance college readiness and success while lowering barriers to access and opportunity.

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