Statewide Impact


OnRamps by the Numbers

Student Enrollments

To date, OnRamps has seen more than 35,500 student enrollments with some 30,000 individual students in our 2018-2019 cohort. More than 50% of current OnRamps students are first-generation.

Transferable Credit

As of May 2018, OnRamps students have earned more than 11,700 semester credit hours combined from UT Austin and Texas Tech University in courses that count toward the Texas Core Curriculum courses.

Quality Courses

13 high-quality courses across 11 disciplines are designed and overseen by UT Austin Faculty and OnRamps Instructional Innovation team—with an emphasis on innovative pedagogy, a technology-enhanced education, and aligned college experiences.

Ongoing Partnerships

OnRamps facilitates partnerships across Texas with district and campus administration and staff to help support their recruitment, retention, and accountability strategies. In 2018-2019, OnRamps partnered with 313 high schools in 151 school districts across the state.

Teacher Support

More than 925 OnRamps teachers have received approximately 42,844 hours of robust professional development, active learning, and online and in-person support. Each new OnRamps teacher receives more than 80 hours of training in a single year.

Statewide Cost Savings

OnRamps has saved Texas students more than $17 million in course fees—not including textbook and supplies (as based on average higher education institutions cost).