OnRamps by the Numbers

Unique Students

OnRamps is serving more than 38,000 unique students in 2020-2021—up from 166 in our inaugural academic year of 2012-2013.

Semester Credit Hours

As of May 2019, OnRamps awarded more than 67,000 semester credit hours, and 90% of eligible students earned college credit.

High-Quality Courses

13 high-quality courses across STEM, Arts, and Humanities are designed and overseen by UT Austin Faculty—with an emphasis on innovative pedagogy and aligned college experiences.

District Partnerships

In 2020-2021, OnRamps is partnering with 392 Texas high schools in 195 districts to help support their recruitment, retention, and accountability strategies.

Professional Learning Hours

In their first year with OnRamps, teachers receive more than 80 hours of professional learning and development. In 2019-2020, new teachers received a combined 59,199 hours.

Statewide Cost Savings

In 2018-2019, OnRamps saved its students more than $23 million in course fees—not including textbook and supplies (as based on average higher education institutions cost).

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