OnRamps has been providing high-quality educational opportunities across Texas, providing dual enrollment and distance learning opportunities that transform engagement and the classroom experience for students and teachers.

For over a decade, OnRamps has provided the tools for college success to more than 167,000 unique students across the state of Texas.



Over 41,700 unique students participated in OnRamps courses, gaining valuable experience with the academic and social expectations of postsecondary education.


We awarded more than 105,000 semester credit hours, and 93% of eligible OnRamps students earned college credit.


OnRamps saved eligible students who accepted college credit a combined average of over $41,000,000 in tuition and textbooks costs, per College for All Texans data on average costs for public four-year higher education institutions.


Nearly half of the 2022-2023 cohort of OnRamps students would be the first in their families to earn a bachelor’s degree.



In their first year with OnRamps, teachers receive more than 80 hours of professional learning and development, followed by more than 35 hours in subsequent years. In 2022-2023, OnRamps teachers received over 70,000 hours of training.


Last year alone, OnRamps supported over 1,350 high school teachers across Texas, providing ongoing professional learning and development to deepen content knowledge and implement the high school portion of our dual enrollment courses with fidelity.


Through strategic, customizable partnerships, OnRamps partners with over 200 school districts and over 400 campuses across the state of Texas.



Since its launch in the summer of 2020, there have been over 3,200 enrollments in the OnRamps Distance Learning Catalog: our latest professional development offering to strengthen teachers’ efficacy and practice in hybrid and distance learning environments. Five modules are available at no cost to eligible middle- and high-school teachers through our Texas Education Agency partnership.

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