Drawing from nearly ten years of experience offering distance courses, our Distance Learning Catalog is a series of online, self-paced professional development modules designed to prepare and support educators’ instructional practice in distance and hybrid learning environments.


The OnRamps Distance Learning Catalog launched in summer 2020 and is available to middle and high school teachers, from 5th grade and up, as well as college and university faculty who are looking to enhance their instructional practice in distance education while earning continuing professional education (CPE) hours.

Our offerings are comprised of over 25 modules categorized into key themes, or bundles. Each module contains concise, curated content for educators to explore at their own pace.

Essentials Bundle icon
The Essentials: A Framework for Effective Distance Teaching
Delivering Assessments Bundle icon
Delivering and Managing Differentiated Assessments in a Distance Environment
Technology Bundle icon
Effective Use of Technology and Design for Distance Learning Classrooms
Equity Bundle Icon
Ensuring Accessibility and Inclusivity for Every Learner
SEL Bundle icon
Fundamentals for Social Emotional Learning Via Distance
Srategic Assessment Bundle icon
Supporting Student Success through Intentional and Strategic Assessment


In partnership with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and as a support to ongoing instructional continuity planning, OnRamps offers five modules to all middle and high school teachers employed in a Texas school at no cost to them or their school districts. More information can be found on the TEA's Strong Start Resources web page. These five modules include:

  • Aligning to Synchronous and Asynchronous Experiences
  • Cultivating Authentic Student-Teacher Relationships in Distance Learning
  • Facilitating Feedback at a Distance to Improve Students' Awareness of Learning Progress
  • Learner-Centered Design
  • Student-Driven Self-Monitoring within a Distance Learning Cycle

Completion of these modules meets attestation requirements for both synchronous and asynchronous modalities. Teachers will be awarded one hour of CPE credit for completion of each module.


The OnRamps Distance Learning Catalog was established to serve educators across school districts and higher education institutions by providing:

  • Resources to respond to the changing classroom experience due to COVID-19
  • Direct application to instructional environments from 5th grade through college
  • Support structures for both hybrid and fully online classroom models
  • Interactive activities and downloadable planning documents
  • Feedback to the teacher via a competency-based framework
For Information

Educators can engage in the full OnRamps Distance Learning Catalog, equivalent to 20-26 CPE hours, through a district, campus, or an individual license. Customizable campus and district packages are available by contacting DLC@austin.utexas.edu.

Interested in purchasing a license or learning more?