A curated collection of professional development courses, the Catalog is designed to support educators of grades 5 and up in developing, delivering, and refining high-quality instruction in the online or hybrid classroom.

Created by educators for educators, the Distance Learning Catalog, housed on OnRamps Learn, was established to address the unique challenges that campuses and districts face today. The growing collection of dynamic courses is grounded in evidence-based solutions—offering a broad range of high-quality content based on research and feedback we received from teachers and administrators across K12 and higher education.

More specifically, the Catalog offers opportunities for educators to build on their expertise and impact in the classroom, regardless of instructional modality. Courses provide planning support and resources to educators including direct-to-classroom strategies to advance existing practices and instructional innovation. Educators receive responsive feedback from OnRamps experts in education, to reflect on and deepen their understanding of pedagogical concepts and their practical applications.


OnRamps regularly refines and expands Catalog course offerings to meet emerging needs of the educational communities we serve. At present, the Catalog is comprised of 28 professional development modules, 23 of which are organized into seven courses, with an additional five modules available through a partnership with the Texas Education Agency.

The Essentials: A Framework for Effective Distance Teaching

Essentials Course Icon
A single-module course, it provides a foundation for effectively delivering a distance or hybrid learning course.

Canvas Essentials: Best Practices for Course Development and Delivery

Canvas Essentials
Four modules on how to maximize the tools and features of the Canvas Learning Management System to deliver an impactful learning experience.

Delivering and Managing Differentiated Assessments in a Distance Environment

Delivering Assessments Course Icon
Three modules on the methods and practices for educators to supplement their broader assessment plan.

Effective Use of Technology and Design for Distance Learning Classrooms

Technology Course
Four modules that encourage educators to strategically leverage technology to provide an impactful student experience.

Ensuring Accessibility and Inclusivity for Every Learner

Inclusivity Course Icon
This course is made up of three modules that provide educators with the supports and skills needed to implement accessibility and inclusivity in their course and assessment design, as well as promote ongoing student engagement.
Fundamentals for Social Emotional Learning Via Distance
SEL Course Icon
Four modules that focus on applying Social Emotional Learning strategies to a distance learning environment.

Supporting Student Success through Intentional and Strategic Assessment

Strategic Assessment Course Icon
Three modules that cover time-saving planning and assessment strategies that can positively impact student failure rates.


In partnership with the Texas Education Agency (TEA), OnRamps is offering five modules to all middle and high school teachers employed in a Texas school at no cost to them or their school districts. More information can be found on the TEA's Strong Start Resources web page. These include:

  • Aligning to Synchronous and Asynchronous Experiences
  • Cultivating Authentic Student-Teacher Relationships in Distance Learning
  • Facilitating Feedback at a Distance to Improve Students' Awareness of Learning Progress
  • Learner-Centered Design
  • Student-Driven Self-Monitoring within a Distance Learning Cycle

Teachers will be awarded one hour of CPE credit for completion of each module.

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Educators can engage with the Distance Learning Catalog through an individual license or multi-user campus or district license.

Full Catalog licenses include access to every current course—equivalent to 26 CPE credit hours—as well as new content added throughout the school year. Access is also available by course, with individual courses ranging from approximately 1.5 to 5 CPE credit hours each.

Title I and Opportunity Zone schools may also be eligible for customized pricing options.

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“Our work with OnRamps these past five years has proven the impact that thoughtful and robust professional development can have on a classroom. By expanding our partnership to include this customized Catalog, every teacher in our district will have the skills they need to foster meaningful experiences and a quality education in the virtual classroom”

-Dr. Michael McFarland, Superintendent of Schools, Crowley ISD

Interested in purchasing a license or learning more?  Email us at DLC@austin.utexas.edu