OnRamps’ 17 dual enrollment courses span Science, Technology, Mathematics, Arts, and the Humanities. Each course is modeled after one that is offered in-residence to students at The University of Texas at Austin and adheres to the same standards of quality, depth, and complexity.

All OnRamps courses are designed to pique intellectual curiosity, stimulate scholarly inquiry and dialogue, and help students develop the skills, academic behaviors, and work habits necessary for college and career success. Explore our courses below and see how your students can join their 167,000 peers who have experienced college before college.

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For information on transferability and applicability, including equivalent Texas Core Codes and Texas Common Course Numbers, see the OnRamps & College Credit page.





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For information regarding grade reporting, earning college credit, and transcripts; see the OnRamps & College Credit page.

Keep in mind for students to fully engage in the course they must meet the minimum technical requirements.

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