Throughout the academic year, we provide engaging and transformative learning experiences to high school teachers, known as OnRamps Instructors, implementing OnRamps courses on Texas campuses.

OnRamps applies a process of tiered-instruction and intervention working closely with OnRamps staff, our college instructors of record and our faculty leads at The University of Texas at Austin to align the high school and college courses; to support their students’ pedagogical, social and emotional progress through the challenging curriculum; and—much like their students—to develop a necessary growth mindset for long-term success.

Our professional learning and development model is strategically designed to support educators growth over their professional careers, as shaped by the research of Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves. (Fullan, M., & Hargreaves, A. (2016). Bringing the Profession Back In: Call to Action. Oxford, OH: Learning Forward)

We offer monthly virtual conferences; mentorships; summer, fall and spring professional learning institutes; weekly course-specific newsletters; and opportunities to collaborate with peers across the state to further impact student learning and enhance Instructors’ practice.


As a high school OnRamps Instructor, your journey begins in the summer as an attendee to one of our facilitated learning convenings: the Summer Professional Learning Institute. During this time, you will engage in the rigorous OnRamps course-content and develop the necessary skills to implement college-aligned pedagogy for students to achieve a growth mindset.

New OnRamps Instructors

High school Instructors teaching an OnRamps course for the first time prepare for effective course implementation at their campus by collaborating with The University of Texas at Austin Faculty and OnRamps staff to learn essential course content and pedagogical skills. During this two-week learning experience, Instructors familiarize themselves with course-specific technology and set year one expectations for themselves and students. Throughout, Instructors share experiences with OnRamps peers across the state, partner with Mentor Instructors, and reflect on challenges of practice with OnRamps Implementation Coaches.

Dates for 2021 Summer PLI: July 12-23 (held virtually)

Returning OnRamps Instructors

High school Instructors returning to the same OnRamps course come together to deepen their pedagogical content knowledge for the benefit of students and their communities of practice. UT Austin Faculty and OnRamps course staff facilitate learning experiences that promote collaboration between Returning Instructors across districts and finetune their pedagogy and skills in various learning modalities. Returning Instructors spend the first two days of their PLI focused on course-specific learning and activity before culminating on the third day with the OnRamps Summit, which extends to the broader OnRamps community for collaboration with campus and district administrative staff of our partnering districts.

Dates for 2021 Summer PLI: July 6-8 (held virtually)

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Held in the fall and spring, OnRamps Instructors across the state of Texas attend these seasonal hyper-focused institutes to experience in-depth learning for the next phases of implementing OnRamps courses with fidelity and ease. Additionally, it serves as a time for Instructors to tap into the OnRamps facilitated network to share classroom experiences, challenges, and solutions.

Dates for 2021 Fall PLI: Oct. 18-27 (held virtually)

Dates for 2022 Spring PLI to be announced.


OnRamps staff and UT Austin Faculty provide yearlong support and just-in-time guidance to Instructors through virtual and in-person collaboration and coaching using such platforms as Sibme or our Canvas LMS. In addition to working on instructional planning and classroom needs, they provide weekly communications with the latest resources and news.


Each OnRamps course is overseen by a lead faculty member at the university with a doctorate in the related course discipline. The lead faculty helps develop and enhance the course curriculum, teaches professional development seminars, and assists OnRamps college instructors of record with teacher support.

OnRamps staff includes a faculty or instructional support member approved by the associated academic department for each course. The college instructor of record maintains the curriculum, co-teaches professional development seminars, and provides ongoing training and one-on-one support to ensure effective implementation of the curriculum.

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