Students and their families can explore detailed information about our college credit-bearing opportunities, specifically earning credit, college credit, and grade reporting.

For any additional questions or concerns, contact the OnRamps Support team at support@onramps.zendesk.com.


Eligible students may elect to enroll in an OnRamps course for a letter grade. If the student earns and accepts credit in the course, the grade will appear on the student's university transcript. A letter grade of D- or better is considered passing.

OnRamps college credit earned for a letter grade of C- or above for courses with a Core Curriculum designation are required by law to transfer to any public higher education institution in the state of Texas. These are noted in the Texas Core Code column in the below table.

Some OnRamps courses have Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) equivalency numbers approved by The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin). These are noted in the TCCNS Equivalency column in the below table.


Each college or university evaluates transfer credit based on its own policies, which vary by school, college, and institution. In order to determine how OnRamps courses will transfer, if they will apply to a major or degree program, and if the grade will factor into the GPA, students must contact the higher education institution they plan to attend.

Since OnRamps college credit is provisioned through UT Austin's University Extension, UT Austin policies that apply to University Extension courses apply to OnRamps courses. OnRamps course grades are factored into a student’s cumulative GPA at UT Austin. For more information, visit the UT Undergraduate Catalog.


Students who earn and accept college credit in an OnRamps course may request a transcript from UT Austin's Office of the Registrar, Transcript Services and have it sent to their chosen higher education institution. Students will not automatically receive a transcript.

Students must wait until the final course grade is recorded with the Office of the Registrar before ordering a transcript. Students may use the Registrar's See My Grades application to confirm their course grade is posted to their UT Austin transcript.

OnRamps students may use the online transcript ordering system for the three years following the end of their course. While transcripts can be requested electronically during this time period, they cannot be sent electronically to the receiving institution, so it is necessary to complete the 3rd Party Mailing Address section of the form.

OnRamps students who are unable to order online may complete the transcript order form and email it to transcripts@austin.utexas.edu; or fax it to 512-475-7681. The Registrar charges $20 for each transcript requested.

For additional information about how to order a UT Austin transcript, visit the Office of the Registrar's website.

Transcripts are not available for courses in progress, courses that were dropped, or courses for which the student elected not to claim credit. If you need a letter from OnRamps to verify enrollment or non-attendance at UT Austin, please complete the OnRamps Letter Request Form


While parents may communicate with the high school teacher about students' high school grades, the college instructor of record may not communicate with parents regarding students' college grades. The college instructors of record will make every attempt to communicate with the student as this is an important maturation point for college students.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), rights belong to the parents with respect to high school records and belong to the student with respect to postsecondary records—regardless of the student's age.


The table below provides information about OnRamps courses, including subject, prerequisites, and credit transfer and equivalency information.

SubjectOnRamps College Course TitlePrerequisitesUT Austin Course1Texas Core CodeTCCNS Equivalency
English Language Arts (ELA)Introduction to Rhetoric: Reading, Writing and ResearchEnglish I and English IIRHE 306010ENGL 1301
English Language Arts (ELA)Reading and Writing the Rhetoric of American IdentityEnglish I and English IIRHE 309K010ENGL 1302
MathDiscovery PrecalculusAlgebra II, GeometryM 305G020MATH 2312
Offered through 2020-2021
Algebra I, Preferred: Geometry and Algebra IISDS 302020N/A
Computer ScienceThriving in our Digital WorldAlgebra I, Preferred: Algebra IICS 302093N/A
GeoscienceEarth, Wind, and Fire: Introduction to GeoscienceBiology and Chemistry, or IPC and ChemistryGEO 302E030N/A
Physics IMechanics, Heat, and Sound: General Physics Technical Course I Algebra I and Geometry, Recommended: Algebra II or PrecalculusPHY 302K 030PHYS 1301
Physics I LabLab for Mechanics, Heat, and SoundAlgebra I and Geometry, Recommended: Algebra II or Precalculus; Concurrent enrollment in PHY 302KPHY 102MN/APHYS 1101
Physics IIElectromagnetism, Optics, and Nuclear Physics: General Physics Technical Course IITEKS-based Physics, Algebra II, and Geometry, Recommended: OnRamps PHY 302K, AP Physics I, Honors Physics or PHYS 1301, PrecalculusPHY 302L030PHYS 1302
HistoryThe United States, 1492-1865Concurrent or completed English IIHIS 315K060HIST 1301
HistoryThe United States Since 1865Concurrent or completed English IIHIS 315L060HIST 1302
MathCollege AlgebraAlgebra I, Recommended: GeometryM 301N/AMATH 1314
Arts and Entertainment TechnologiesFoundations of Arts and Entertainment TechnologiesRecommended: Graphic DesignAET 304050N/A
Chemistry ICollege Chemistry: Principles of Chemistry IAlgebra ICH 301030CHEM 1311
Chemistry I LabCollege Chemistry: Introduction to Chemical Practices IAlgebra I; Concurrent enrollment in CH 301CH 104MN/ACHEM 1111
Chemistry IICollege Chemistry: Principles of Chemistry IIOnRamps CH 301 and CH 104M, AP Chemistry, or equivalentCH 302030CHEM 1312
Chemistry II LabCollege Chemistry: Introduction to Chemical Practices IIOnRamps CH 301 and CH 104M, AP Chemistry, or equivalent; Concurrent enrollment in CH 302CH 104NN/ACHEM 1112
BiologyIntroduction to Biology ITEKS-based High School Biology, TEKS-based High School ChemistryBIO 311C030BIOL 1306
Quantum ComputingQuantum ComputingAlgebra I and Geometry, Recommended: Algebra II or PrecalculusPHY 309L030PHYS 1307
MathElementary Statistical Methods
Offered beginning 2021-2022
Algebra I; Preferred: Algebra IISDS 301020MATH 1342

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