Statewide Impact

Photo Courtesy of Ed Uthman


OnRamps Statewide Impact by the Numbers


With its innovative dual enrollment program, OnRamps has reached over 25,500 course enrollments since 2012, with over 10,000 individual students in our 2017-2018 cohort; over 9,000 current course enrollments are in our STEM courses: Computer Science, Geoscience, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics.


As of May 2017, OnRamps students have claimed a combined 15,807 semester credit hours (SCHs) from UT Austin or Texas Tech University in courses that count toward the Texas Core Curriculum (TCC) courses. The OnRamps course catalog includes 33 SCHs.


OnRamps and its partners offer 11 high-quality courses designed and overseen by UT-Austin departments, faculty experts, and academic staff. To ensure quality delivery of every course, OnRamps uses a four-pillar model that emphasizes college content knowledge, innovative pedagogy and learning, technology-enhanced education, and teacher and student excellence. In 2018, OnRamps will offer 14 courses, including College Algebra.


Through partnerships with over 170 high school campuses and 93 Independent School Districts (ISDs) and Charters since 2012, OnRamps serves a diverse Texas community. Our current partners are offering 593 sections of OnRamps on 140 high school campuses within 74 ISDs including El Paso, Donna, Grand Prairie, Houston, Lubbock, Richardson,Round Rock ISD, and many more. Serving the panhandle, Texas Tech University became the first OnRamps replication site in 2015.


100 percent of our over 20,000 total OnRamps students receive an educational experience aligned with the academic and social expectations of leading colleges and research universities. In addition to content knowledge, students develop the key cognitive skills required for post-secondary and workforce success, such as technological, independent learning, problem solving, and reasoning abilities.


As of 2016 OnRamps offers its dual enrollment courses to Texas students and their families at no cost. Thanks to support from the Texas Education Agency and The University of Texas at Austin, Districts are currently reimbursed 100% for student and teacher enrollment fees.


All OnRamps courses have zero textbook and supply fees for students and their families. OnRamps uses best-in-class learning technology and Open Educational Resources to ensure districts, teachers, and students have the highest-quality learning experiences and instructional materials. Based on national cost averages per semester credit hour, OnRamps has saved students over half of a million dollars on books and supplies to date.


OnRamps has generated a combined 16 million dollars in savings for Texans, based on the published national cost of tuition and fees at four-year institutions in the United States for 2017-2018.


OnRamps has provided a combined 35,000 hours of intensive, professional learning, training, and support to over 440 Texas secondary school teachers. Using a proven coaching model and sharing thousands of state-of-the-art instructional materials, our professional learning approach transforms educational practice. Each new OnRamps teacher receives over 80 hours of training in a single year. Our 2016-2017 cohort has 328 instructors, three of whom are teaching more than one subject.


To drive educational innovation at scale, OnRamps supports a robust network of over 370 faculty, staff, administrators, and researchers. Its newest initiative, the TEXAS OnRamps Dual Credit Innovation Collaborative works to improve the capacity of 2-year institutions, universities, and public schools to deliver first-rate, transferable dual credit courses.