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Introduction to Quantum Technologies

Introduction to Quantum Technologies offers an introduction to the modern science and technological applications of quantum physics. Students will develop a deep understanding of the seemingly bizarre quantum world and how its “weirdness” may be harnessed to solve real-world problems. Students taking this course will acquire unique technical skills in physics, programming, cybersecurity, and mathematics; as well as valuable soft skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and communication through class activities and group projects.

This course lays the conceptual groundwork and builds scientific literacy for future courses in physics, mathematics, and computer science. Students will experience high-quality curriculum designed by the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) and can earn up to three hours of college credit, with feedback and assessment provided by UT Austin course staff.



How do quantum bits (qubits) differ from classical bits? Topics include binary data, classical light, vectors, polarization, and Malus's Law.


Explore the connection between the invisible quantum world and classical observations. Topics include the Born rule, measurement bases, matrices, single-qubit gates, and wave-particle duality.


Discover the "magic" that connects qubits and makes quantum computers so powerful. Topics include two-qubit gates, tensor operations, and Bell states.


Design secure communication systems that are protected by the laws of quantum physics! Topics include cybersecurity, quantum cryptography, teleportation, and entanglement swapping.


Program a real quantum computer! Topics include basic classical programming (in Python), quantum algorithms, and running programs on quantum hardware.

UT Course Code: PHY 309L

  • 3 College Credits

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