Professional Learning

The purpose of OnRamps professional learning and development is to transform classroom instruction and student learning. Teachers join a facilitated network to enhance content knowledge, pedagogy, use of educational technology, and leadership.

To receive OnRamps professional learning and development, high school teachers must participate in the following three offerings, held throughout the year.

Support Team

Faculty Lead

Each OnRamps course is overseen by a lead faculty member at the university with a doctorate in the related course discipline. The lead faculty helps develop and enhance the course curriculum, teaches professional development seminars, and assists OnRamps college instructors of record with teacher support.

College Instructor of Record

OnRamps staff includes a faculty or instructional support member approved by the associated academic department for each course. The college instructor of record maintains the curriculum, co-teaches professional development seminars, and provides ongoing training and one-on-one support to ensure effective implementation of the curriculum.

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