Technical Requirements


Students must have one-to-one access to an Internet-connected computer or tablet* in class and during out-of-class time in order to complete assignments. This access can be on-campus, such as at a lab or in the library, or off-campus. Since the courses contain audio/video components, devices should have audio capabilities or the option to be connected to speakers or headphones.


One of the following browsers* is required to access the Canvas learning management system (LMS) and tools associated with the OnRamps courses.

  • Internet Explorer 10 or 11
  • Chrome 31 or 32
  • Safari 6 or 7
  • Firefox 25 or 26
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser 4.0

Software and Email Addresses

OnRamps courses are built in the Canvas LMS. Canvas must be used as the LMS for this course. All resources, materials, and tools are housed in Canvas, including the grade book. Students must have an email address to register for an account in Canvas.


Flash Player 10, 11, or 12 is required for audio/video recording and file uploading within Canvas. The Java plugin is required to use the screen-sharing functionality within Canvas Conferences.

Internet Access

A high-speed Internet connection is required. School networks must be configured to allow access to the following domains:

  • (teacher access required)
  • (student and teacher access required)

OnRamps Course-Specific Technical Requirements

English Language Arts:

No requirements in addition to the general requirements.


Quest Homework Service (free) is available through Canvas.

Computer Science:

Requires access to:

  •—(operates in the browser)
  •—(must be downloaded and installed)


  • Each student must have Internet access to Canvas outside of class (several days per week).
  • Each student must be able to access RStudio outside of class (Note: Tablets will not run RStudio).
  • Students must be able to access RStudio every other week in the classroom. One computer per every two students will be sufficient (Note: Tablets will not run RStudio).
  • Students must be able to individually enter their exam responses into Canvas in the classroom.
  • Teachers must record any grade changes directly in Canvas.

*The OnRamps Statistics course requires use of a Web browser on a desktop or laptop operating system in order to access RStudio (free statistical analysis software).

RStudio is incompatible with tablet and phone device browsers.

The OnRamps Computer Science course requires use of Scratch and Processing (free programming environments), which also require desktop or laptop operating systems. They are incompatible with tablet and phone device browsers.

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