Most students who graduate from high school never complete a college degree. This problematic national trend can be reversed for students who engage in high-quality college-level learning experiences early in their academic career.

OnRamps was designed with this in mind and works to align K12 and higher education institutions around a shared vision of high-quality learning opportunities that prepare students for postsecondary success.

OnRamps offers distance education courses through a dual enrollment model. Using best-in-class resources, materials, and instructional strategies OnRamps also provides intensive, yearlong professional development and support that improves instructional quality in hundreds of classrooms throughout the state for a widespread benefit to Texas high school students.

Key outcomes of early exposure to postsecondary education include:

  • aligning high school students to the academic and social expectations of college;
  • accelerating student matriculation, retention and time to degree; and
  • increasing the number and diversity of students who are fully prepared to follow a path to college and career success.