Program Costs

OnRamps requires a one-time, annual fee per student for each course assessed at the beginning of the fall semester to participate in the program. The fee includes access to course materials, The University of Texas at Austin learning management system, technology tools, credit eligibility evaluation in the fall and the opportunity to earn college credit in the spring.

The 84th Legislature provided a state appropriation that reimburses all partnering districts 100% of the cost per student and teacher-training fees for participating in OnRamps during this biennium.


The program fee is refundable within the first six weeks of the start of the fall semester if a student drops out of the OnRamps program. At this point, the student will be placed in a non-OnRamps course at their school.

Please note: OnRamps fees are not refunded for students who do not qualify to attempt to earn college credit or for those who do not earn college credit.

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