How OnRamps Dual Enrollment Works

OnRamps students are exposed to the academic and social expectations of a college classroom and the high-quality educational experiences to better prepare them for college success. They are empowered to take on the role of college student at a low risk, due in part to their status as non-matriculated, non-major students and our scaffolded support system.

High School Face-to-Face Course

Students are enrolled in a high school course on their local campus taught by a high school teacher. The University of Texas at Austin faculty and academic staff provide over 60 hours of professional learning and coaching per new teacher before the start of the school year and an additional 16 to 30 hours throughout the academic calendar. The teacher is responsible for all high school coursework, grading, and evaluation.

Distance Education

Students are separately enrolled in a college course delivered via distance education and offered through the University Extension within the Texas Extended Campus. The college course is led by a credentialed college Instructor of Record. The instructor is responsible for all college coursework, grading, and evaluation. The technology used to deliver the course via distance education is the same technology University residential students use.

University Curriculum

The University of Texas at Austin Faculty and academic staff design the full curriculum, including assessments, instructional materials, lectures, projects, and digital assets. Faculty receive nine months of content design, pedagogy, and instructional support for transforming their on-campus residential courses to distance education experiences of the highest quality.

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