Launched in May 2020, the Texas Mindset Initiative is a research-practice partnership between OnRamps and the Texas Behavioral Science and Policy Institute to study the impact of a growth mindset in STEM education.

Mindset logoThe Texas Mindset Initiative (TxMI), launched in partnership with the Texas Behavioral Science and Policy Institute, is focused on transforming learning and instruction via mindset practices in the STEM classroom.

TxMI has identified 21 OnRamps Instructors with demonstrated success in an OnRamps STEM course to participate in a year-long fellowship. These educators, known as the Texas Mindset Teacher Fellows, are working together to:

  • share practices that promote student achievement, motivation, and growth mindsets in STEM teaching;
  • co-develop prototypes for immediate testing by peers in classrooms across the state; and
  • pilot interventions in their own classrooms.
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"I want to be a support system for them but not necessarily a crutch… I want them to learn how to think… I tell them, 'You have Mr. Estrada in your pocket. You just need to reach for him.'" -Sergio Estrada, OnRamps Physics Instructor and Texas Mindset Teacher Fellow

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