Transcripts, Grades & Credit

Earning Credit

A student may elect to enroll in the college course for a letter grade or may take the college course as pass/fail if it has been set up with a student-choice option. Students who select a pass/fail option must do so during the Credit Selection Type Period at the beginning of the semester.

  • If a student takes the college course for a letter grade and earns credit, the letter grade for the course will appear on their transcript from The University of Texas at Austin.
  • If a student takes the college course pass/fail, and earns credit, the transcript will not show a letter grade but only that the student passed or failed the class. A pass will show as "CR" on the student's transcript. A letter grade of D- or better is considered passing.
  • Each institution of higher education has its own policies and procedures regarding credit earned at another college or university. You must check with the institution you plan to attend in order to determine the specific transferability and applicability policies of credit for a letter grade or a pass credit (CR). Courses with a Core Curriculum designation in the right column of Table 1 below are required to transfer to any public institution in the state of Texas.
  • Some OnRamps college courses have TCCN equivalency numbers approved by UT Austin. To see the equivalency of those and other courses at various institutions visit
Table 1. OnRamps Course Catalog
Discipline OnRamps College Course Title HS Course Equivalent Prerequisites The University of Texas Course Equivalent1 Texas Core Code and/or TCCN Equivalency*
English Language Arts (ELA) Research and Writing English III, IV, or 4th year English Elective Credit for English I, II, and teacher recommendation2 RHE 306K Texas Core Code 010, TCCN Eng 1301
English Language Arts (ELA) Reading and Writing the Rhetoric of American Identity English III, IV, or 4th year English Elective Credit for English I, II, and teacher recommendation2 RHE 309K* TCCN Eng 1302
Math Discovery Pre-Calculus Pre-Calculus Credit for Algebra I, II, Geometry, and teacher recommendation M 305G Texas Core Code 020, TCCN M 2312
Math Statistics Statistics Credit for Algebra I and teacher recommendation (credit for Geometry and Algebra II preferred) SDS 302 Texas Core Code 020
Computer Science Thriving in our Digital World Computer Science Elective Credit for Algebra I and teacher recommendation (credit or concurrent enrollment in Algebra II preferred) CS 302 Texas Core Code 093
Geoscience Earth, Wind, and Fire: Introduction to Geoscience Earth and Space Science Biology and Chemistry; or IPC and Chemistry, and teacher recommendation GEO 302E Texas Core Code 030
Physics Mechanics, Heat, and Sound Physics Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry or PreCalculus (recommended) Phys 302K Texas Core Code 030, TCCN Phys 1301
Physics Electricity and Magnetism Physics TEKS based Physics, Algebra II, Geometry Phys 302L (Fall 2017) Texas Core Code 030, TCCN Phys 1302
History US History 1492-1865 History Concurrent or completed English II HIS 315K (Fall 2017) Texas Core 060, TCCN HIST 1301
History US History Since 1865 History Concurrent or completed English II HIS 315L (Spring 2017) Texas Core Code 060, TCCN HIST 1302

1 All courses except RHE309K and M 301 are Core Courses at UT Austin, which means they are required to be accepted for transfer at any public institution in Texas. RHE 309K generally transfers elsewhere in Texas as TCCN 1302 and M 301 transfers as TCCN 1314, to see the course equivalency of RHE 309K or M 301 at your institution, go to and select compare schools, then choose University of Texas at Austin and your institution in the drop down menus. If you have difficulty transferring RHE309k or M 301, please contact Ms. Emily Wade, Associate Director of Enrollment Management and Strategic Operations.
2 ELA course is intended as a senior-level course but could be offered at the junior level. However, the course was not designed to align with the AP Language Composition course commonly taken by high school juniors.
3 OnRamps Statistics course is not designed to align with AP Statistics.

Scheduled Course Releases 2018-2019

  • Math, UT Austin Math 301, College Algebra - TCCN Math 1314
  • Art and Entertainment Technologies (AET), UT Austin AET 304 Foundations of Art and Entertainment Technologies. This Texas Course Curriculum course presents a broad overview of digital media technologies, software and applications along with the fundamental concepts of digital representations of images and signals. Students will study an assortment of entertainment concepts or experiences, discover the underlying technology involved and learn how this technology is delivered to participants.
  • Chemistry, UT Austin Chem 301, Principles of Chemistry I, TCCN 1311*


    A student’s grade from an OnRamps college course (not the high school course) counts in the student’s cumulative GPA at The University of Texas at Austin. To determine how an OnRamps letter grade or credit applies at other institutions, students should contact that institution's registrar's office.

    Transferability and Applicability

    A student needs to request a transcript from the University Registrar and have it sent to their chosen institution. Each institution evaluates a student’s transfer credits based on its own policies. Colleges and universities have different requirements that vary by school, college, and institution. In order to determine how OnRamps college courses will transfer and if they will apply to your major or degree program, you must contact the individual institution you plan to attend. The registrar charges $20 for each transcript requested.

    Grade Reporting

    While parents may communicate with the high school instructor about students’ high school grades, the university Instructor of Record may not communicate with parents regarding students’ college grades.

    Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), rights belong to the parents with respect to high school records, but they belong to the student with respect to the post-secondary records, regardless of a student's age.

    Our university Instructors of Record will make every attempt to communicate with and through the student, as this is an important maturation point for college students.


    For information about how to order a UT Austin transcript, visit the Office of the Registrar's website.

    IMPORTANT: OnRamps students CANNOT order transcripts through the Registrar’s online transcript order system. OnRamps students CAN order transcripts using the other options listed on the Registrar’s website.

    Enrollment Certification - Non-Attendance Verification

    Non-Attendance Verification: Due to the large number of requests, The University of Texas at Austin does not provide individualized or personal letters to certify non-attendance. However, students may direct third party inquirers to the verify degree and attendance service available from the Office of the Registrar website to verify enrollment or degree of any University of Texas at Austin alumnus, attendee, or student by clicking here. Enter the student's last name and first name.

    If you need additional assistance please contact Ms. Emily Wade, Associate Director of Enrollment Management and Strategic Operations.

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